Here we extended the length of the kitchen by removing an oddly placed half bath.  Due to the layout of this first floor the best option was to create a bathroom on the south side of the kitchen. 

Along with the new restroom, HCI implemented pedant lighting over the breakfast bar, a double stacked oven paired with a glass stove cook top for a fluid look and new hardwood flooring and crown molding to match the existing house.

Remodels - Renovations - Repairs

With this kitchen remodel the existing kitchen was dated, in disrepair and could not effectively handle the needs of a growing family.

Knocking down the upper cabinets that separated the kitchen and the dinning room had the biggest impact on this remodel!
Canned lighting along with under cabinet LEDS brightened up the space beautifully!!

In this home the kitchen, breakfast nook and dinning room were three separate  rooms, making each space very small.

Taking down the walls and creating one  living space makes the home flow seamlessly!

Custom cabinets and hardwood floors aided in maximizing space and making the room feel longer and taller. 

Canned lighting and power strip bars continued our goal of maximizing space and limiting visual disturbances.

Kitchen Remodels


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